Candidly Charlie♡

Charlie Hollingsworth• Victim• Survivor• Thriver• Volunteer•

” Do not fear life, as you do not fear the stars or the evening breeze. We are all here for a purpose and everything happens for a reason. “

~ Lori Hard

Ever been told ” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

Cliche’? Possibly! Because as we all know some situations can make you feel alone, vulnerable, scared, confused, anxious…to name but a few. Because, if we honest with ourselves and in your heart you know you need to leave. But how??

Welcome to Candidly Charlie ♡

I’m here to Empower, Inspire and Educate you, in taking and making decisive steps to enhance and transform YOU, with Resource options to keep you safe and know that you are not ALONE!

So Who Am I?

My name is Charlie, a thriving survivor of Childhood and Domestic Abuse. I can honestly say, my experience nearly damn well killed me, but thankfully I am here to share my story. Feeling the escalation and intensity of violence and emotional and mental torture, I knew the time was now. I had to go. How, I didn’t know but it was a case of “live or die” ~ no jokes!!

After a particular violent and emotional ” episode ” I sat quietly sobbing to myself…. never have I felt such intense heartache, other than when my beloved Mom passed away. Screaming to myself “Charlie reach out to your family in South Africa, they will help you! And I DID! Goodbye UK, hello home! This is where my very turbulent bumpy journey begins but one that has finally led me here. My blog. Click here ➡ Contact and to my volunteer work for an organisation that helps victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV). For more information click here ➡

” To truly LOVE, We must first learn to LOVE OURSELVES “

Affirmations for your Heart, Mind & Soul ♡♡

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